Sunday, May 2, 2010

Project 3 client comes to visit

Following our day of 3d we have a day with the client who is remarkably tolerant and sits through hours and hours of presentations, taking noted and asking lots of thought provoking questions.

We are reminded it is VITAL to meet the client in person and see the garden from inside the house to get the best start on a job.

I am nervous as curvilinear is difficult. DH takes the opportunity to point out the flaws in my ground plan/design in front of the client, which is a bit surprising. Not to worry though as she doesn't really like the rendering or concept and pretty much dismisses the whole thing. Unfortunately, for me, she demonstrates the fact that clients really like representative, fully rendered 3d drawings, so it's back to colored in plans from here on in.
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Happily though I sail though the nuts and bolts of the actual presentation, so much easier to present to a real client than a pretend one.

I am incredibly impressed with the presentations of a couple of classmates who are emerging as clear winners on the design and creativity front. Several people don't turn up due to work commitments (!) and others just don't show their work. Although it is a bit bewildering that not presenting, or even turning up now seems to be a common option I remind myself that I, at least, need the time and deadline to help me engage to the best of my ability.

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