Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More new blogs to read

I had a year off last year, well from this blog but to be honest I missed it, the new blog is slightly more serious, well it is supposed to be! about latest trends in plants and design and things to see and do and of course design and designers, personal comment necessarily remain professional, no ranting or frustration expression there!

Like any good business plan, I suppose, one has to decide the purpose of a blog in the same way as one decides the purpose and goals of a business. Just blabbing onto the internet page without direction seems a bit messy and unsatisfying.

So I am aiming to come back to this resurrect this blog and talk about the process of building a business now that I am trained and a slightly 'battle hardened'. As always comment is most welcome as are offers of work, gainful or otherwise.

The website is up and running and can be found at

I am also toying with the idea of a second site for the Iris but for now they reside at

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Knoll Gardens & Neil Lucas

Grass man Neil Lucas is a joy to listen to. Interesting and humorous and incredibly knowledgable about his topic...GRASSES of course.

About 20 'garden designers' and hangers on followed him and his assistant Luke around the glorious Knoll Garden this afternoon soaking up the knowledge and even asking one or two pertinent questions.

The gardens look spectacular at the moment and apparently will do so long in December. If you haven't been GO GO GO. The Euonymus make it worth while and that's before you set eyes on the sweeping grasses and trees.

Managed to escape with no more than 3 plants which is an achievement.

Panicum Heavy Metal,  Molinia arundinacea 'Karl Foerster' and Miscanthus nepalensis with it's frothy bronze fronds...of course division will be taken from a friends hoard of 4 grasses, so in reality there are 7 new additions to be squeezed in come spring!

was inspired by the Paperbark Mulberry
and the pruning techniques

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

RAM's and Windows XP

Well as I discover more and more about hardware supporting software it all seems to get more complex. I discovered yesterday that although I upgraded the RAM on my lappy last year from 2gb to 4gb becasue I am running Windows XP as my OS (therefore 32bit) it cannot optimise the increased memory but can only use 3.something of it...darn no wonder it failed with renderworks, if only I'd known I could have simply upped the OS and the RAM instead of buying the Mac i5..........ok well thankfully I didn't know so got the joyous i5 as compensation for my own lack of research!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Well here I am .......employed!

I know a bit of a shock for me too dear reader.

One minute I was hot footing it down the self employed, starting my own business route and the next I have a job, well a 6 month full time contract with a possibility of a permanent role later. And yes as you ask, as a designer/project manager. Of course there is the usual trial period while we both suss out if it's a good fit but even so it has been a remarkably quick process and I find myself in a company where I will learn ALL about the build side of things, assuming the trial period is successful!

Exciting (read terrifying!) and a challenge to be sure.
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