Sunday, May 2, 2010

Charlotte Rowe comes to visit

Finally Friday comes and Charlotte (a fellow student not the alumni one) and I trudge up the hill in the morning, parking for only one student car at Cotuit, en route we make the most of practicing tree idents which we have as a test in a week or so. 30 trees to be ID'd from pictures of bark, leaves and flowers.

The morning is spent with Sally Court, the new VP of the college and a practicing (frantically busy!) garden designer. She is busy busy busy and flitting back and forth to Russia to see clients. Full of anecdotes, her lectures are usually short which is good as most of us are shattered from the last 2 days. We talk briefly about the new TV program Landscape Man, no one seems terribly impressed, I haven't seen it so plan to watch it if I have time.

The afternoon heralds the arrival of ex-OCGD student and probably most notable alumni Charlotte Rowe. A formidable reputation precedes her but she turns out to be delightfully straightforward and frank, without the usual mishmash of illusion and relevant exclusions that seem to be the model so far.

Her trademark work rolls on in a background presentation as she talks rapidly and effortlessly about her rise and current business. I am impressed as she is so honest about how she has come so far apparently so fast. Though it's clear it is down in good part to a lot of hard work and good business acumen on her part and not least that she knows how to play to her strengths.

I am inspired, if daunted as I don't have her credentials, but also breathing a sigh of relief that I have taken the chance to do some work experience with her, 3 days in June.

Glad to get home and plan to take Saturday off.

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