Friday, May 7, 2010


My trusty laptop (TL) has done good service in harsh conditions and has finally met it's match in Renderworks. I have had to admit defeat and resort to checking out the iMac again this evening, online. It does come highly recommended though the question is, which one?

27" screen is a given as part of TL's problem is not enough screen space (a mere 17") for all the palettes and drawings but then which processor and which graphics card. The charming youth in MK Apple store tried to persuade me to go for the iMac quad core i7 (GULP!) which sings and dances and makes tea whilst it renders monster drawings in seconds, it oddly enough has a price tag to make strong men go weak at the knees (and not in a good way I might say!).

So any comments on which iMac I need (as opposed to the aspirational one that is beckoning) would be much appreciated.....

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  1. I think if you save your self $300 and go with the 27" 3.33 core duo would be fine and comes in at $1,899 (£1,538).

    I personally bought the last generation 24" 2.8ghz which was $1,799 at the time, 2nd from best on the line and have been VERY HAPPY with it. :P It out-rendered my laptop times by about 18x and 3.33 is 20% faster! (The i5 is ~85% BTW)

    Plus $300 is a nice chunk towards a second monitor which I highly recommend, or a do it yourself ram upgrade later (BTW the 27' has 4 slots instead of 2).


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