Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Landscape brilliant

I am not sure what my peers don't find captivating about this prog. I loved it, the scale of projects at least and a chance to see really huge projects happening. We have been bombarded with the likes of Grand Designs for ages and now finally we, the nation of gardeners, gets something on this scale for gardens and not just public or charitable ones.....

Having watched two back to back at 7am this morning (I know it is Sunday!) I am enthralled by Keith and Ros Wylie in their Wildside Gardens and their insane work ethic. Good for them and how utterly inspiring to those of us at the 'wrong end of youth' to jfdi our dreams. I am hoping they put a PayPal button on their website so I can start canvassing people to donate to help the canyons get completed!

Headingham Castle was also a feat of endurance and one simply has to admire people (Jason and Demetra Lindsay!) with such determination to achieve their goals. Definitely planning to watch the rest of the series even if it's on 4oD.

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