Sunday, May 2, 2010

3D Vectorworks

A roller coaster first week back at college, scrambling to finish something resembling the required documents before a Tamsin led whistlestop tour of Vectorworks 3D.

Our two days has been crammed into one day for some reason which I can't quite fathom, something about 3d VW not being relevant which in fact turns out not to be the case as we wend our way through manipulating contours and building sweeping solids. My laptop, a supposedly wizard gaming machine, struggles to render at times....I ponder changing to an iMac and inwardly groan at the cost.

From Desktop

The course is nothing if not a rapid change of schedule and covered topics.


  1. Vectorworks has some useful manuals of 3D modeling, they would make great resource books for your college..

  2. Hi Rosalind

    I do hope you enjoyed the 3D day. I know you've all had some much to take on board but do remember that there is a big section on 3D modelling in the course manual I gave you at the beginning of the course - it might all make a lot more sense to you now. There is also a chapter on Site Modelling at the end of the manual. And in Residential Garden Design with Vectorworks Landmark by Tamsin Slatter (!), there is also a chapter on 3D modelling. I know that you probably haven't had the time to really go through all this yet as you've been taking on so many other skills.
    Remember too that many of the other tools I showed you (Walls, doors, windows, stairs, handrails, column) will also give you 3D views without any direct modelling from you.
    Vectorworks is a huge tool and 3D for ANY design profession is becoming more and more relevant as clients expect more from presentation and we are under time/budget pressures.

    And do also remember, we're here to help! It doesn't stop with the end of the course.
    All the best

  3. Thanks Tamsin, I did enjoy the 3D day very much and am sure I will want more! Have had a quick look through your book and am sure it will keep me occupied!


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