Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's a glorious day and I would rather be outside...

I am slogging through research for an essay. Something on the longevity and history of landforms, earthworks, land art. I have a question and a title and even a synopsis, but can I get inspired and actually write the darn thing? of course not. I am bargaining with myself about how much I MUST write before bed. Today it is 1500 words and not one word less will do.

This is partly due to the fact that I have a couple of short weeks to get the remainder of the tasks for holidays completed, namely project 3 sketch plans, sketch up model, elevations, sections, mood boards and so on ready for a possible client meet on my birthday of all days!

Instead I have frittered time away writing a spec for my new website, updating my HLP and tarting up project 2's specification document. Which makes me smile because when the last 2 were due I was doing anything I could to avoid doing them.

So it's all a bit of a game really. In 1 month I will be re-writing the essay happily avoiding doing my SLP!

In the meantime I have finished reading the excellent book by Malcolm Gladwell called OUTLIERS

and am going back to Marshall Rosenburgs series of books on good communication.

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