Monday, April 19, 2010

Is Spring planting so difficult to do well?

I put off a trip to Wisely and The Savill 10 days ago due to the apparent lateness of spring. Friday rolled round and it seemed vital to a get out and get at least some of the spring colour on camera.

Wisely was my first stop as they had said their borders were looking good. I should have asked in more detail what that might mean! Indeed the magnolia were stunning as were some early Rhododendron and scads of formal spring bulb bedding, the camellia were mostly browned and over from rain and cold but what disappointed me was the lack of cohesive underplanting.

Oh there were swathes of sunny daffs and muscari bobbing about in the wind, even several large bed of mixed spring bulbs but the stunning spring flowering trees were mostly skirted by dirt or later flowering/greening plants. Where there was consistent underplanting it seemed to be a single block e.g. a large branching apple with a skirt entirely of blue muscari, beautiful, but.....

I will say that the beds were clean and tidy with nothing of a collapsed winter feel to them, inspiring from a horticultural view point, they just didn't fill me with glee in terms of design.

I skipped The Savill on the way home, wrongly assuming they would also have a similar set up, a friend tells me they have great spring borders....oh well my images will have to be 'late spring' borders for this year, next year it'll be down to Cornwall and Devon to see their stunning spring offerings.
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