Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Have you been swayed by an Edible Garden?

I will admit to a moment of weakness this week and succumbing to watching TV. Two friends enthused about ALys Fowler's new show The Edible Garden and so great was the enthusing I flipped through it on the iPlayer, and ended up watching all three episodes at once. Thus inspired I hot footed it to the local nursery (ok Homebase!) to buy up anything remotely resembling broad beans and peas.

Not a wholly unsuccessful trip, the herbaceous borders (!) in the garden now host 6 broad bean plants, 8 sweetcorn and in the cold frame, 4 boxes/trays of seeds (peas, zuchs, squash, climbing beans, cleome, nasturtium and Orlaya). Then this morning at 6am, I recalled I had some Cavolo Nero seed from last year so I popped some into mini trays and that's in the cold frame too.

There is almost no space already as spring spouts but in AF mode I will keep plants as big as I WANT them this could be fun.

Next on the list? hmm that dog looked very cute!

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