Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Project two ......returns

Marked but grades not revealed yet we have had our A1 sheets scanned in digitally. It seems an age ago that this was done but a mere 6 weeks.

Bubble diagrams: still a bit controlled for my liking, project 3 I plan to bring some artistic movement to it all -

From HLP

Plan view and 3d models: my favorite page, if one is allowed such a thing,. Close up the 3d models really come alive with the rendering and using a focal rendering style focuses the eye on different aspects of the design.

From HLP

Section Elevations: although they look a little bland here, they are in fact detailed section drawings showing key aspects of the design and features incorporated in the clients new gardens. They were the hardest to do, converting 1:100 to 1:50 (manually!) but the most rewarding to complete.

From HLP

So far the site analysis has not materialised, maybe that is a sign that it was not the best piece of work ever done!

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