Monday, April 26, 2010

Beth Chatto knows how to 'do' a spring garden!

An unexpected jaunt to Elmstead Market and to the fabulous gardens of plantswoman Beth Chatto. The gardens look spectacular at this time of year which was a pleasant surprise. I had been in late May last year and was sadly disappointed by the very bedraggled looking dry gardens. This season though it was looking stunning and full of life and vigour. The dell also looked wonderful with the marshy pond edge plantings inspiring my next projects - also has a large set of ponds.

I promised myself no plants and managed to come away with only 5 which is a remarkable achievement in self restraint!

Well worth the trip in the next couple of weeks.
From Collages


  1. I have her book on Drought Resistant Planting. Her shots of the garden were wonderful, I'm so envious you get to visit in person. I suppose I would have needed a wheelbarrow to get my purchases to the car....

    Christine in Alaska

  2. Her drought resistant planting IS inspiring in person but I suspect takes a good deal of work to keep it looking smart for the visitors and the garden is HUGE with only 4 of them to manage it all, quite some work... a wheelbarrow, now there is a thought!


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