Saturday, March 13, 2010

Masterclass with Anthony Paul

Another long time designer with 30 years under his belt Anthony Paul spread his enthusiasm for bringing true creativity into outside spaces as he talked us through his beginnings and major influences. Bringing with him a plethora of books for us to pour over, getting glimpses of artists who work is firmly bedded within the natural landscape. Artists such as Goldsworthy, Serra, Long, Randall-Page and others.

It is exciting to think our work could include inspirations from, or actual pieces by, these incredible creatives. His home is a testament to this enthusiasm as he and his wife, Hannah Peschar, open their gardens in the form of The Sculpture Gallery which displays the work of many artists within the natural landscape.

With so many diverse projects Anthony Paul has developed a strong philosophy about his work and his way of working, he encouraged us all to consider where we have come from, life experiences that have molded us, what has influenced us and how we might bring that into our design work. That in itself was inspiring for me as I find myself often dropping my past and starting again. A revelation, that it should, could all come in as part of who I am as a designer (the best ideas are the simple ones!)

Our final speed design exercise showed us all that we are indeed creatives and not simply becoming technical experts. And his critiques? Well they were delightfully and surprisingly positive.....

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