Thursday, March 25, 2010

First Commision almost done!!

My first commission is coming along well. The planting plans are completed in Vectorworks and a few extra drawings have emerged as I think through the actual delivery of the work for the client.

So also prepared is a laying out plan, gridded up to enable a fast and accurate laying out of the planting, a 'before' sketch plan/site analysis which shows which plants will remain in situ and which will have to be removed, or moved.

It is very exciting to be working for a 'real' client and it is quite different when you are being paid for it. Just as I suppose it is quite different when you are paying for a service, you tend to value and appreciate it much more.

Further to this I received another inquiry for some work in London which will be a different challenge and an exciting one. If this keeps up I may well turn out to be gainfully employed for most of 2010!

From Planting Plans

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