Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Do people really respond and donate to the 'Charity of Me' requests?

I was reading a funny article about a shepherdess who had her wedding dress woven from the wool of the sheep she bred and in the comments was an link from a blog. I followed it and noticed that the woman, and actress in Canada had a donate by paypal button.

I wonder if people really do donate 'to the arts', as she put it.

There was the tale some years ago of the woman who found herself up to her eyeballs in debt from her own spending habit, now a book and a movie I believe, and at the time she created a website (Save Karyn)- pre-blogging days - to document how much she had made, saved, spent daily and how much people had donated to her. She paid it off in the end, then made a truck load on the book and film rights :D

I maybe adding this 'charity of me' idea to the blog, well, it could help me while I get started make a living as a garden designer!

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