Friday, March 19, 2010

Is an Electronic plant catalogue a barrier to sales?

I have recently been trying to gather catalogues in preparation for projects with small and big planting areas. However I am now reliably informed, and have found in actuality, that many nurseries no longer print catalogue but have them on line either as flippable PDF booklets or an online search. I groan.

A great idea not thought through IMO.

Great not wasting the planets resources, not costing the company money on sending catalogues to people who won't ever really use them. Not so great for the designer though. The down side for the 'professional' user is
a) an expensively coloured 100+ page document to print on their own printer at home costing a great deal more in home printer ink and the quality is usually not great in colour repro. So in reality it doesn't get printed and hardly used - not good for building business.
b) 'flipping' through electronically is not the same as flipping through a paper copy, and frankly having several catalogues open at once on a computer is confusing and memory hungry - read NOT efficient use of my time and resources.
c) online only catalogues, well this is like going grocery shopping with a list and then sticking to it, you buy whats on the list and nothing else, no inspiration, no exploration, no business development.

Personally I am more than happy to pay for a colour catalogue and have monthly price/stock updates by email. It's business after all.

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