Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vectorworks HELL

This is a RANT if you don't like rants then read no further.

Today is turning into some sort of Vectorworks hell. Who knew something seemingly so straightforward could have some of the worst help texts in human history (ok possibly a teeny exaggeration there!)

'it makes sense' someone said to me. Yeah, if you happen to be a Vectorworks geek it might make some sense. I have worked in IT for a number of years, damn I have written instruction manuals and help sites, worked in support for software from the devil (OK SAP). I know how dull they are to read AND to write.

BUT GODS guys you're writing for a 101 idiot, REMEMBER not some geek who loves your product so much, knowing it's every feature (bug!), quirk, shortcut, jargon, even how it is coded..........

The overuse of hyper-linking might save paper but it sure as hell makes following instructions within instructions within instructions confusing.

And don't get me started on printing. Yesterday all was well, today it prints 1 sheet on 7, why? who knows, I daren't look in the help text, it's not helpful!

Oh for the days of a human being on the end of the phone.

I am sure at least one or two readers will be VW wizards so if you are and you want to help PLEASE get in touch :D

1 comment:

  1. Rosalidn, I want to help call me 410-290-5114 and ask for Juan


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