Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How much time ??????

After a recommendation months ago to use this little piece of software I finally got going with it to count up the hours spent on the holiday project drawing up a series of hard landscape projects from plan and image.

Tickspot is about as intuitive as it comes which is a bonus as one wades through the unknown in Vectorworks and Sketchup not to mention construction of even the simplest forms in the garden (butyl liner, geotextile and butterfly wall ties anyone?)

Running the reports makes it obvious that there is a lot more faffing about going on, sorry 'Task - research' than actual drawing up or designing but it is a steep learning process and the tickspot tool is helping to focus my time on the task at hand instead of all the distractions that pervade at this time of year.

So far 36 out of the predicted 200 hours are done, somehow that 200 is feeling a touch optomistic!

And one of my working drawings (from VW) to give those 'construction engineer types' a laugh....
From HLP

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