Monday, January 18, 2010

The sense of achievement

I have a sense of achievement which could be the prelude to a massive disappointment but still, the last 5 weeks struggling with Vectorworks, constructions notes, supplier catalogue blurb, plans, 2d drawings, grainy photo's and my own n00b-ness in the face of building anything that will stand up for more than a slight breath of wind, has turned out to be the expected steep learning curve and though I say it myself, successful. To some degree at least. The OCGD Hard Landscape Portfolio is well on the way.

Just one of the draft drawings
From 1 HLP

An email from 'Teach' reminding us to have planting plans for project 2 ready for the CAD course at the beginning of term ( 10 days time) slammed me into the wall of deadline pressure: delivering the HLP (85% done), the bespoke portfolio (not yet begun) and now a planting plan on top of that.

In a frantic half an hour I went from 'I can't do all this!' (think hysteria pitch) to ' S**t, I have to get this done! plan it woman' (terminator workaholic mode) and the consequent flurry of research, absorbing and cogitating that goes on around the actual 'sitting down and doing it' process.

An interesting change of head space which was much needed tbh. I may not complete on time but I will be skidding in to the finish post with my best attempt at it all, come hell or broken leg!

And in the background of all this I am steadily building my 365 project and discovering it's not that easy. Another learning process.
From Collages


  1. Sounds intense! Best of luck and may the terminatrix mode be with you!

    Christine in Alaska

  2. It would be fun to have your views on What makes a Great Garden?, an idea I am exploring in my current posting. Welcome as a new Blotanist.

  3. Just looked at your 365 project - looks great :-) And a great reminder of life beyond Vectorworks!

  4. isn't it just! but just moving into bespoke bit which turns out to be even harder :)


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