Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Which books get you enthused about plants?

In the middle of prepping 20 planting plans (!) and I am knee deep in fabulous books, spread open with sticky notes all over them identifying perfect combinations and possible plant choices. My current favourites are:

With Beth Chatto's wonderful planting schemes detailed

Predictable in places but mostly glorious ideas

Dreamy is indeed the word though the cottage garden features so heavily in UK examples one could be led to believe that's ALL we can do!

I'm in a Piet phase so though I gather things have moved on I am still lusting after these planting schemes ;)

Any other recommendations would be happily explored


  1. from time to time i visit a well-known high-street book store, find a good chair and read to my hearts content....anything by Tracy DiSabatto-Aust will do nicely...

  2. No book store near me with anything like the atmosphere let alone a decent chair to curl up into for a good read, though I did stake out some floor space the other day perusing Diarmud Gavin and Sir Terence's new book on Planting!


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