Saturday, August 28, 2010

Can it really be done?

Well here I am done and dusted. Final project, the soft landscape portfolio, printed packed and posted. A sense of overwhelming relief followed that final piece of information landing in the right place but it wasn't until posting it that the real sense of 'it's done, finished' hit me.

SEASONAL PLANTING:160 plants over 4 seasons

COLOUR THEME PLANTING:120 plants over 10 colourways

A certain gapping hole which of course will be filled in coming weeks with planning and progressing a new business, MY new business. But I have to say it has been a whale of a ride and a great deal more work than I imagined possible to cram into one year (well 11 months tbh) and a great deal more in terms of deliverables and learn than I also thought possible.

I've enjoyed the blogging and the sense of achievement at completing the course and now putting it into practice and making a success of my new business is the next stage.

New blog(s) to go with the new business.


  1. congrats! it is really satisfying to finally finish a project..look forward to your new business posts...

  2. Well done, all these portfolios you've created look great. Well worth all the effort, your future clients will be super impressed I am sure.

  3. BRAVO, well done! What a ride! Looking forward to see your business unfold! How about coming to Paris and work on a friend's garden ;)?


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