Monday, August 2, 2010

Do you know what this is?

An alternate title could be ' It's not enough to know the Genus!'

I am mid way through the Seasonal portfolio and struggling to identify some of the flower images. It is of course great exercise in plant identification but sometimes one needs outside help. Time as ever is against me so I am asking for help.

Tweeters have been brilliant with speedy replies and suggestions so I am hoping that blog readers will be able to help to.

These are my current challenges.
Geraniaum himalayense? perhaps? perhaps not?

???? some sort or rudbeckia? or helianthus?


Veronica spicata?

all help gratefully received :)


  1. Hi Rosalind - no help to you I'm afraid but there is an excellent plant database at to search - or post pics in the forum and I am sure someone will identify it. There are some very knowledgeable members. That's what I do anyway.


  2. I'm thinking that the second one is an Inula but not sure what type. I might need your help on one of mine too!

  3. so far we have 2 = inula hookeri and 3 = lysimachia punctata and possible 4 = veronica spicata

    am going off to find the shootgardeing forum now!

  4. Hi Rosalind try these:
    1. Geranium pratense Flore Pleno
    2. Dorynicum hirsutem (spelling??)
    3. Lysimachia punctata
    4. Veronicastrum Lavandelturn

  5. Hi for number 4 it is a Veronica. I have Veronica spicata and the spikes of spicata seem longer and thinner than the picture.


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