Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How many blog posts does it take before you actually invest time in reading a whole blog?

Long title I know but today as I surfed through some of the many blog posts I am RSS fed daily I realised that I don't automatically read a whole blog. No one has that much life to read every blog that is going!

For me it is about 3 or 4 interesting postings that then trigger a desire to read much more of a blog. Let me say I am not talking about much of the verbal diarrhea out there but the postings that equate to real, valuable content. Stuff that you have to set time aside to digest and comprehend, that enriches your life.

Don't get me wrong I am not some highbrow bloggerati type, I read plenty of drivel postings willingly, keep up with friends chatter and some of the more bizarre blogs but on the whole I skim read it, speed read it or 'glance the title' read it.

Some bloggers though just warrant stopping and reading and as it usually takes me several excellent postings to take the plunge and invest my time in an extended 'good blog' read. That said it takes much less to turn me off a blog something like spam posting the same blog post all over the net! nasty.

Like most folks I want one point of access to minimise re-reading the same thing multiple times. Perhaps that's a self prompt to review how much social networking I am doing, along with a spot of compartmentalising.

What inspired this post? This blog, which IMHO is well worth the read.

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