Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the cascades

Cascade drawings complete. I cannot quite believe they are all completed, just need to be printed and bound and they are done.

Cascade drawings are the lower level of details required by the contractor, setting out, drainage, paving, contour and level changes and so on down to the tiniest detail in construction drawings.

A whole bunch of admin correspondence is also complete and the todos list is looking possible - almost!

No letting up though, having seen a couple of ex-student websites clearly the competition is high so a good final mark is vital.

Competitive moi?! I think so!


  1. Brings back memories of getting range boards ready for deadlines. Not in the same league as what you're doing mind you! Don't envy you.

  2. OMG I and filed that set of little traumas away! But something similar...lots of ate nights, panicking quietly most days :D


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