Saturday, December 12, 2009

Is this possible?

It's not that I don't want to blog, it's more that it is all a bit too much atm.

Each lecture session is packed with information but only scratching the surface of the topic to which we need to do further research and study. But then there is no time for this it seems as we move quickly onto the next topic.

I started garden design to get away from the pressure of consulting - i.e. no life, no time, no joy, no fun, lots of money. It's not exactly turning out like this atm. I am standing close to the bottom of a precipitously steep learning curve and my peers stand either in front or near me on this curve. The deadlines loom impossibly fast and I sense that a lot of what I am producing is maybe a bit rushed and less considered and creative than it might be. I suppose I understand why it must be like this and that the course must teach us all these things in this timescale but today it is all a tad overwhelming.

..... and honestly, I am thinking about subbing out a few things to an Indian VA per Tim Ferris' outline for working smarter (4 Hour Work Week), don't tell teach!!

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