Friday, December 4, 2009

Being more Webby - The Milky Way

An excellent master class this evening by Eslpeth Briscoe aka Milky. Focusing on being more web savvy in promoting ourselves and getting up those ranks in Google and so building our network and optimising our assets (that would be web presence!)

A good turn out of people from this year and the last few graduating years and a real mixture of knowledge levels all addressed and enabled a bit more.

I came home a bought a couple more domain names to add to the growing list and then began adding some more links to the blog and even pondered re-url-ing this blog to make it more searchable. That may have to wait until the weekend.

A vid and notes to follow on the OCGD blog.


  1. Thought this e-book from Naomi Dunford was totally great for small businesses.

    I'm not ready to optimise yet, but when I am, I'll use this, I reckon.

    Cheap too.

  2. I'm glad you know me, because that comment totally looks like spam, eh?


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