Thursday, November 12, 2009

Project 1 presentations

Not a great day tbh.

I was really pleased with the learning curve achievements last night and in fact right up to presentation was in a relatively good space.

Coming pretty low down in the alphabetical running order is good and bad, the 'client' has heard it all before, you're beginning to sound like a cracked record but it's time find something new to entice them. That comes across like a form of desperation. And the client is trying to find new things to say that haven't been said already to other students. On the upside you've heard all the feedback for others and can tailor your own presentation accordingly.

The feedback, from all came in the form of 3d models too small and badly rendered, elevations ok but not great and 'your bubble diagram looks like hieroglyphics' (I think that's supposed to be a complement!). I feel like a complete re-draw is what I have to do and have absolutely no desire to do it. I feel like I gave it my best shot and failed.

CK asked where I thought I'd come marks wise 'low to middle' was the answer. Right now I feel like I'll be lucky to pass this one. 4 days of solid slog and I have to ask was it worth it?

Sure I'll pick up tomorrow, get back on the horse and try again, identify areas which needs work - all of them given the feedback - and practice practice practice... Instead of seeing and appreciating the hurdles I have overcome this week and the steps forward I have taken I am deflated and disappointed.

I should say there were some awesome and inspiring solutions and presentations. People often surprise you and today was no exception.


  1. From what I've seen so far I think you're doing a great job. You're way ahead of us Pershore College garden design students. We're still learning plant indent. and pests & diseases, with drawing kept to a minimum.

    If your design concept was good then that's the hard part done. I'm sure the model making and drawing skills will soon improve with practice.

    Anyway I find your blog very inspiring so that's a big thumbs up from me!

  2. Thanks that' really kind of you :)

    have a good w/e


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