Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Deadline frenzy

This week is our first deadline for our Post Grad Dip at Oxford College of Garden Design. A full set of drawings for the first design project to be handed in after presenting them to the client. Thursday is the day. Preparation is exciting and exhausting.

As with anything there are hiccups first time out and this exercise is no exception. Lack of supplies, supplies failing to work as described, realising you're missing some of the key facts, realising one half day session is not enough to make a drawing exercise easy and so on. BUT during this steep learning curve, I have learnt, been creative when things fail, listened to peers who have better skills or simply there to provide an ear. I am thrilled to be at a point, on Tuesday pm, when I have the bulk of the work done and the fun bit, well the bits I find easier, to come.

Architectural Blank 1 - Bubble diagram
From 2009_11_10

Architectural blank 2 - sketch plans and 3d models (SketchUp7)
From 2009_11_10

Architectural blank 3 - Planting plan, elevations and 1 point perspective drawing.
From 2009_11_10

2 mood boards and some rendering to come. This is a really pleasing accomplishment :)

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