Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I.T. never works the way you think it is going to!

I.T. deep sigh.

I think of myself as someone who is not in the least flummoxed by IT. I am so wrong sometimes! On Sunday the lappy began to make weird noises, like a small growling cat inside the rubbish cooling fan. I ignored it, SOP for me with computers (!). By Tuesday it was really making A LOT of noise and getting a bit grumpy when it had to do anything. So I succumbed and shipped it off to the local, highly recommended Informatica 2000. They fixed it at moderate expense telling me the heat exchanger in the CPU had 'gone'. I am inclined to ask 'where exactly did it go?, Malta?, Alaska? maybe Australia?' but I resist once more knowing it is childish and not in the least bit funny to anyone but me. I realise I should have sent it back to Acer when it first had the overheating problem, it was within the warranty time and they would have fixed it for free. I simply assumed it was bad design having the fan on the base of the machine, oops.

I pick it up today, no noises, well not many, one of the 3 chaps in there tells me that the unit is discolored having got to temps of 85 degrees when it should be no more than 35. I wonder how he can know this, does it have a little temp gauge inside saying, 'really bloody hot in here' or some such? I keep my mouth shut and nod apologetically. He offers me some gadget to keep it cool. I refuse thinking amazon or ebay will sell it cheaper.

I notice the logon is not quite right and ask why, the answer is not totally clear but I figure I can fix it when I get home, WRONG.

I get home and it turns our somehow they have removed a registry entry for my user, meaning my user info cannot be found and it creates a temp account. Oh all the info is there but good old windows can't recognise it as belonging to my user. I waste an hour trying to fix it and give up. I'll call them on Saturday and they can fix it. HO HO HO.

Later I ponder if I know anyone who could fix it with me on the phone, I know two people who could probably do it in their sleep, but have spoken to neither for months, ok more than a year in one case, so I decide this is not a good plan. Roll on Saturday.

In the meantime I have completed homework for the week, my own garden site surveyed, who knew I had a sway back fence(!), the design for Urban Project no 1, more of the timeline after coming across a fabulous history of architecture for Noddy (oh ok by DK!) which gave me the whole 20th Century and some of the 19th too and finally started some notes on the essay.,.... Phew. All that and a new garden client for 1 day a month. Up to 2.5 days a month which all helps to stop the flood of outgoing cash, in theory

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