Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ben Nicholson round II

It's 23:18 on Saturday night and I have spent almost the entire day cutting and sticking last weeks homework again - by request - THIS time in mounting card. PVA is the devils work as you can't move it once it's down without it leaving gross marks on the card AARRGHHH!

3rd time of cutting it all out I used the repositionable spray mount, fabulous stuff!

Of course it looks more like everyone elses now so I suppose that's the aim achieved. It looks ok.
From My Pictmotions

I have managed to lose my gorgeous Rotring compass set, left at OB studio and mislaid my Bar compass which, although I was convinced it was here, it is not. I have now written my name on every item of equipment, per S's suggestion, should have done it last week.

Note to self, be more careful!

Next job, onto this weeks homework. Housework, laundry, family and food shopping will have to wait!

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