Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Garden Visits

Blenheim and Rousham Gardens today.
From My Pictures

Blenheim: great tour guide who kept the information flowing and the 'gossip' relevant, although I notice not one mention of the rather wayward Marquis of B, best not mention him I suppose although he appears to have a great deal in common with the 5th & 6th Dukes!

Stunned that Capability Brown turned the fabulous partere into a large lawn. All in the name of progress. Found a not so Secret Garden which was by far the most appealing horticultural space, for me at least. Must make a visit in spring to see those 10k bulbs in bloom.

From My Pictures

Rousham: William Kent gardens Stunning, the sun came out finally. Blousy and suprising dahlia beds, huge and not so huge clipped box and yew, almost clouds but not quite there yet, interesting avenues pointing elegantly at statues and the understated laurel bordered rill. GORGEOUS.

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